Reverse shell - One-liners

We've got your back :-)
While working on a pentest you might need to use a one-liner shell. Typically you will have a cheat sheet for one-liners but that will require you to Google it, and you also have to customize them! We've got your back here, Go to Tools -> Shell One-Liner
Here you can select the language for your shell. Then type the address of Exploit Pack where the shell is going to connect back. In this example, we are creating a simple PHP one-liner that could be run as a web shell. Ready to run it? You need a listener!
Click "Start listener" to bring up the wizard as shown in the screenshot. We are using the port 5678, that was configured as the same port to be used by the one-liner:
Good luck with your one-liners! And remember to scale it up to a full agent!
Last modified 3mo ago