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Control Pack

Get to know Control Pack in more detail.


Control Pack is an advanced attack simulation platform for remote control and post-exploitation, including a C2 server and agents that are capable of bypassing the most modem Antivirus and EDR detection techniques. Like any tool of this type, it requires some basic knowledge of the matter.
We recommend setting up a lab environment and playing with the tool so you can discover and take full advantage of all the capabilities and functionalities that it has to offer.
Control Pack's interface is intuitive and user-friendly. By following this manual you will learn the basics of Control Pack. You can also join our community on Discord so you can share with other users your journey along the way.
Disclaimer: Control Pack is a security testing software. It contains functionalities that could potentially damage or result in unexpected behavior in some applications. We recommend using Control Pack only against non-production environments. Please read all documentation before using Control Pack, and do not use Control Pack against any systems for which you are not authorized by the system owner.