Control Pack agent's code

Control Pack agents are easy to configure and come precompiled by default. Both the agent's source code and the IDE projects can be found in the root folder of Control Pack, along with the instructions on how to compile the agents yourself, this way you can add your own code and adapt it to your needs.

Agent config: Custom values and presets.

Every agent is different but as a standard, you will have to provide the Control Pack's current IP address in IPv4 format where the agent will connect back to, and the port number. These values can be customized to your needs but we'll recommend you to first go ahead with the default ones. Besides these mandatory values, you can also select some options per agent.
In the case of the Java agent, you can choose the agent type, and check the different options available per agent This wizard will generate a zip file, and inside of that bundle you will find a minimum of two files:
  1. 1.
    The precompiled binary of your choice
  2. 2.
    2. The configuration file: config.ep
The config.ep files will hold the config you have selected with the wizard during this phase. The non-precompiled code it's always available in the wizard for you to have a glance at the agent's capabilities.