License Activation

Are you a premium Control Pack user and need help activating your product?
First, we would like to thank you for supporting our Exploit Pack! We are happy to assist you with this simple guide so you can get your Control Pack license activated in no time!
When launching Control Pack for the first time you will see that it is not registered yet, to activate it you will need a key. You can find your personal license key attached to your welcome email (.key file) ‌Save your key file inside the key folder.
Get back to the Control Pack window, go to "Help" and click "Register your copy" This will open the activation window.
Click "browse key" in the activation window and go to the key folder. Select your key and then click "open" The buttons now will change to "close" and "Activate now" Click on the last option, the button now will be greyed out while your license is being processed and activated, wait a few minutes until the progress bar is filled.
You are ready! Finally, restart Control Pack. The next time you open the tool, it will be activated, and your license, along with its expiration date, will be displayed at the bottom.