License Activation

Are you a Premium user and need help activating your product?
First, we would like to once again thank you for supporting our project! We are happy to assist you with this simple guide so you can get your Exploit Pack license activated in no time!
Too busy for a step-by-step guide? Watch a video instead: Exploit Pack Registration
When launching Exploit Pack for the first time you will see that it is not registered yet, to activate it you will need a key. You can find your personal license key attached to your purchase email (.key file) ‌
The steps for your license key activation process are as follows. ‌ As shown in the following screenshot, navigate to "Help" and click "Activate your copy" This will open the activation window as shown in the image below.
Click "browse key" in the activation window and browse the folder where your personal license key is located. Select your key and then "open"
Your key will appear on this window, once there choose "Update now".
Note: The activation process might take several minutes. ( Time for a coffee? )
After the update process has successfully finished you will be prompted with a message box as shown in the following screenshot.
Restart Exploit Pack for the changes to take effect.
Do you still need help? Feel free to make a ticket or contact us directly. We can help you out with the installation or with any other technical questions regarding the use of Exploit Pack.