Using Reverse Shells

This kind of shell can be created either by running an exploit and executing a shellcode that connects back to Exploit Pack or directly by making a binary/py and manually running it in the remote computer. ‌

Do not confuse this reverse shell with the XSS/VBS/PS agents, they also provide a connection back to Exploit Pack but they are different because these reverse shells are meant to be used as a step-stone to escalate privileges and run local exploits to pivot to another part of the targeted network during your pentest. ‌

The first option, more frequently used, will be to obtain this shell through an exploit ( adding it as a shellcode ) but if you want to create it manually select the "Reverse shell" icon on the toolbar and follow the wizard, select the platform of your choice and set up the values that you have on your workstation then click the "Next" button.

After this is done, you will see the code in Python format, if you need to have a binary we recommend you to use something like Py2Exe:​

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